Music at Saint Paul

  • Regular Offerings

    Every Sunday at the 10:30 (during the Liturgical year), visitors to Saint Paul will hear beautiful music courtesy of the Saint Paul Choir, Cantor Mark Alan Filbert's organ music, and just occasionally, performances by the Handbell Choir. Care to join? Come by the church basement on Thursdays at 7pm for rehearsal!
  • Feast Days and Celebrations

    Saint Paul loves to create beautiful musical worship, utilizing composers past and present. Often, celebration worship will include brass, percussion, guest soloists, and incredible pieces that are magnified in the wonderful acoustical space that is Saint Paul.
  • Cristo Rey Orff Ensemble

    As part of Cantor Mark's work with the church, he volunteers every summer with Saint Paul's sister congregation, Iglesia Luterana Cristo Rey. As the head of its dynamic summer camp, Mark teaches children how to play several instruments.
  • Concerts

    Because Saint Paul is such a wonderful venue for musical performances, you will find secular and religious-based organizations holding concerts in the nave. You can learn all about these concerts on the Event page, or through website updates.

Music for All

Welcome to Saint Paul! A rich, diverse community that puts great emphasis on the power of music in worship. We enjoy a full choir for the majority of the year, and also host musicians from our community and abroad. At the head of this ever-growing program is Cantor Mark Alan Filbert, an esteemed musician in his own right who has grown the music program at Saint Paul in tremendous ways. We encourage you to reach out with ideas for new concerts, or to let Mark know how much you enjoy his work—and the work of all the musicians in our community. And remember: don't forget to raise your voice, and sing!

Music Education

Love that hymn you heard last Sunday? Or maybe you'd like to listen to it again and learn about its composer. Check out Small Church Music, a site full of hymns you love—complete with organ, piano, and vocal music. There's even sheet music for those who'd love to try their hand at playing at home!

Did You Know?

The organ of Saint Paul Lutheran Church was built by the M. P. Möller Organ Company of Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1926. It was subsequently rebuilt and enlarged in 1966 by Morel and Associates and again in 1984 by Möller, at which time the original console was replaced, and a new Great division was added in its present position in front of the organ chambers now housing the Positiv division to left of the chancel and the Swell division to the right of the chancel. The instrument is now comprised of thirty-nine ranks, a set of chimes, and a zimbelstern spread over three manuals and pedal, with electro-pneumatic key and stop action and four levels of combination action memory.

Get Involved

Interested in singing, playing, or leading in the Saint Paul music ministry? Or maybe you'd like to use the Saint Paul space for your concert. Contact Cantor Mark Alan Filbert now and let him know you're interested!